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Hello World! Announcing the Drupal Pattern Lab working group.

  • by Evan Lovely
  • 28 Apr 2017

This last week at DrupalCon Baltimore a group of people passionate about using Pattern Lab in our Drupal projects met and shared successes, dreams, and challenges. Some approaches have been shared, but many were re-inventing the wheel and tackling the same problems from different angles. Notable of those was the Four Kitchens crew (Evan Willhite, Brian Lewis, and Randy Oest) with their Emulsify theme, Salem Ghoweri, Senior Front-end Architect at Pegasystems, and yours truly: Evan Lovely of Phase2, creator of Pattern Lab Starter.

It was suggested that instead of one company investing in another companies approach & tooling to create a non-affiliated open source group and tie it to a GitHub organization composed of the interested members. And so: the GitHub org Drupal Pattern Lab was born!

We hope to improve the existing tools and installations available for working with Pattern Lab as it relates to Drupal projects and to provide clear instructions for getting started and best practices for working through the different challenges with this approach. Additionally, we hope to highlight the incredible benefits associated with this fantastic approach as we have all seen great success and vast improvements using these approaches. This site aims to be the place for that info.

It’s still very early in this for us (our GitHub org is about 4 days old); but here’s some links to get started: